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23-03-2007, 09:33 AM
For those people doing major rebuilds how are you going to tackle the wiring? I am wondering if its best to buy new looms and install yourself or take the car to a Auto Electrician and get them to rewire and update.
As I dont really care about being original, I am leaning towards using the local Auto elec. I guess a Mobile Auto elect would be best and they could work at my place :) Know of any in Melbourne ?
What are you guys doing ?????

23-03-2007, 10:34 AM
I just kept the old loom relatively together.. I plan on running/making my own loom..

I've re-wired commodores in the past, and trust me, the older Camaro's are allot simpler.. I don't know about a 69' but my 67' has about 5 wires... (I'm exaggerating off coarse it's more like 10 :p )

Just lay it all out go buy lots of new wire in different colors and make it.. Try buy new connectors and clips where it needs to be in pieces, but for stuff where it's a big custom connector, going to the fuse box etc, clean the old one up and wire it up fresh.

If you do 1 wire at a time, and follow it all the way through it isn't that hard really... And this way you can modify the loom as you see fit, for things like battery in the boot or better radio etc...

Or… do as you said.. Get an auto elec to come and do it.. Shouldn't take them long or charge much :p

Out of interest.. Anyone know how much a new loom costs?

23-03-2007, 02:24 PM
Done my own in the engine bay using the original loom, whatever i wasn't using got pulled from the connector on the firewall and what i was keeping i ran to whatever it was powering.
Then added in new wires for other gear thermos, ignition, relays and whatever else, cable tied it together to make sure it was all 'gonna fit and then pulled all the connectors and shrinkwrapped it.

Don't get me wrong, i ain't no electrical wiring guru but hey......if the battery's charging and the smoke can't get out of the wiring it must be alright :D
Mine is basic and not really hidden(harder to fix when roots up), i don't mind the basic look....much like my beige self.

Keep in mind if you buy a new aftermarket loom, that these are generic and made to suit a range of applications. so you'll end up wires and connectors that you don't need. Also no wires in place for your aftermarket goodies.
As for these looms for the dash, i think that they are pretty useless as most folks(i know anyway) use mechanical gauges and the wiring is useless other than the white for lights.

That said, if you've got the bucks pay someone to do it, but if you're like the rest of us....povo. :( Get yourself a good wiring diagram and go nut's.
Just remember not to tape or wrap any thing until you make sure all of your 5hit works.